Five Ways to rank your website
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Five Ways to rank your website

Five Ways to rank your website

1. Relative Content
Quality Content is a major driving force for your number one ranking in search engines. Content designed specifically for your user increases website traffic, which improves your site’s authority and worth.
Locate and notice a word phrase on each page. How can your readers find specific pages? Then repeat this word several times on the whole page – in one or two paragraphs and in the last paragraph, and the remaining contents cover two to four times.
Do not forget to use bold, italic, title tags and other string tags highlight this phrase – but it’s not too much. You will not write for SEO for the reader.
2. Update your content regularly
You have probably noticed that we are regularly seeing search engine optimization issues. Search engines always make regular updates to content.
3. Metadata
When designing your website, to write a metadata on each page, there will be information about any place or content of your page within the <head> tags. If you have a CMS site, then the UMC web team will predict this data for you:
• Title Metadata
Title Metadata is displayed on the top of the browser window and in the title of search engine results. This is the most important metadata on your page. For CMS websites, the system has created an automated system for creating meta titles for each web page.
• The description metadata
Metadata is a text description that your browser will use on your page’s search returns. Consider this as a window display on your site – which includes a brief and interesting description, a good meta description to encourage people to enter, usually there will be two full sentences.
• Keyword metadata
You already know your keyword phrases, so this is your keyword metadata. As a general convention you want to include different phrases, try to put approximately 6-8 phrases of each word it consists of 1-4 words.

4. Writing on Relative Link
Focus on creating links. Instead of trying to type in the “Click Here” link, try entering the destination name.
5. Use the alt tag
Always describe your picture and video media using AL’s tag, or provide alternate text descriptions. They will help search engines recognize your page, which is very important – especially those who use only text browser or screen reader.
This is just a few of the many methods for improving your search engine rankings. If you want to learn more, stay connected with us and we will be coming very soon.



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